The Naming of Dangote as Ambassador

Thirty years ago Aliko Dangote founded the Dangote group, a business enterprise that has grown into the largest African conglomerate in the entire western part of Africa. Among his great achievements Dangote also has opened up a foundation to help the country heal in its most devastated areas; he has achieved this by starting the Dangote Foundations whose focus is to beat the odds in their continent by providing nutrition, education and healthcare to those who cannot get the resources for themselves.

The best way that the countries can grow economically is through tourism; tourism allows all African countries to get the resources they need. Dangote has emphasized the importance of creating a positive atmosphere for their tourists in the hopes that they will themselves come back or advise friends and family to visit as well.

Tourism brings all kinds of new wealth to each country because tourism flows into so many different fields; a tourist is going to help hotels, restaurants, theme parks, etc. the more tourism each country has the more they grow economically in each sector.”


Aliko Dangote founded the Dangote group

Dangote was named ambassador on June 7th 2018 in the 61st regional commission meeting that was held in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja; the hopes that come from his position will be a more sustainable Africa by increasing their main forms of income which at this time would be tourism; Dangote is a very well-known businessman so it will be easy for his followers to listen to his suggestions.